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Dr. Samson Mhizha


Doctor of Philosophy in Developmental Psychology, University of Zimbabwe, 2020; Master of Philosophy in Developmental Psychology, 2010; Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Zimbabwe, 2002.

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Research Interests:

Developmental Psychology, Psychology of Religion, Community Psychology

Faculty: Social And Behavioural Sciences
Department: Psychology
Research Category: Behavioral Sciences

Phone: +263 242 774 123 215

Journal Articles
1. Jovanović, V., Rudnev, M., Abdelrahman, M., Abdul Kadir, N. B. Y., Adebayo, D. F., Akaliyski, P., ... & Pilkauskaite, V. R. (2023). The Coronavirus Anxiety Scale: Cross-national measurement invariance and convergent validity evidence. Psychological Assessment.
2. Marandure, B. N., Mhizha, S., & Wilson, A. (2023). “Spice Was Made, by the Devil Himself”: A Thematic Analysis of the Experience of an Addiction to Synthetic Cannabinoids. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 55(3), 321-329.
3. Marandure, B. N., Mhizha, S., Wilson, A., & Nhunzvi, C. (2023). Understanding the nature of substance use in Zimbabwe: State of the art and ways forward: A scoping review protocol. Plos one, 18(3), e0272240.
4. Tafirenyika, J., Mhizha, S., & Ejuu, G. (2023). Building inclusive early learning environments for children with a disability in low-resource settings: Insights into challenges and opportunities from rural Zimbabwe. Frontiers in Education , 8, . 1029076.
5. Chikoko, W., Nyabeze, K., Zvokuomba, K., Mwapaura, K., & Mhizha, S. (2022). Hook-up” and Substance abuse among street children of Harare Central Business District, Zimbabwe: implications for development work. People centred–The Journal of Development Administration, 7 (2), 54-61.
6. Mhizha, S., Tafirenyika, J., & Ejuu, G. (2022). Exploring Adoption of Inclusive Home-Based Early Childhood Development and Learning in Marginalised Rural Communities in Zimbabwe. A journal of the Academic Research Centre (ARC), 5(1)
7. Mhizha, S., Muromo, T., Kokera, R., Mudenda, M., Chivasa, J., Makarisira, D. ... & Chikoko, W. (2021). Experiences of the Orphan Differential Disadvantage and the Human Factor Decay among Street Children in Harare. Review of Human Factor Studies, 27(1).
8. Mhizha, S., Kokera, R., & Chivasa, J. (2021). Strong Citizens: Informed and Apt to Build their Spaces in the Spirit of Resilience in Urban Zimbabwe. Journal of Urban Systems and Innovations for Resilience in Zimbabwe-JUSIRZ, 3(1), 264-285.
9. Chikoko, W., Nyabeze, K., Zvokuomba, K., Mwapaura, K., & Mhizha, S. (2021). The harmonized social cash transfer program in Zimbabwe: Achievements and challenges. Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies, 13(5 (J)), 12-21.
10. Mhizha, S., Muromo, T., Matika, M., Chikoko, W., & Mudenda, M. (2020). Suicidal Ideations and Suicidal Attempts among Street Children in Harare, Zimbabwe. Journal of Gleanings from Academic Outliers, 9(1).
11. Mhizha, S., Chiroro, P., & Muromo, T. (2018). The Rise in Street Children Population in Zimbabwe as a Case of Human Factor Decay. Review of Human Factor Studies, 24(1).
12. Mhizha, S.,Tandire, J., Muromo T., & Matika, M. (2016). Ecological Self Image of Children Living on the Streets of Harare. Development Southern Africa, 33, 39-52.
13. Mhizha, S. (2015). The religious-spiritual self-image among street children in Harare. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 54,187-201.
14. Mhizha, S. (2014). Religious self-beliefs and coping among vending adolescent in Harare. Journal of religion and health, 53(5), 1487-1497.
15. Mhizha, S., & Muromo, T. (2013). An exploratory study on the school related challenges faced by street children in Harare. Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research 25, 350-368
16. Mhizha, S & Mangena, P. (2013). The Rise of White Collar Prophecy in Zimbabwe: Some Critical Insights. Zambezia. 133
17. Javangwe, G., Ngwenya, F., Muromo, T., Nyanungo, K., Mhizha, S., Nharirire, E., ... & Beksinska, M. (2012). The rebirthing psychology in Zimbabwe: Yesterday, today and tomorrow. International Journal of Psychology, 47, 423-423.
Books and Book Chapters
1. Mapwika, L., Mhizha, S., & Matika, M. (2022). The Efficacy of Religious Coping among Women with Reproductive Health Problems in Chitungwiza. In: E . Chitando & F. Machingura. Religion and Sexuality in Zimbabwe (pp.105-). Lanham, MD, USA: Lexington Books.
2. Mhizha, S. (2022). The Phenomenon and Psychology of the “Rape” of Men by Female Rapists in Zimbabwe. In E. Chitando & F. Machingura (Eds.). Religion and Sexuality in Zimbabwe, (pp.159 -). Lanham, (MD) USA: Lexington Books.
3. Mhizha, S., & Chikoko, W. (2022). Oliver Mtukudzi and the Call for the Reconstruction of the Lives of Orphans and Children on the Streets. In : E. Chitando, P. Muteveke, M. Nyakudya , & B. Chinouriri (Eds.). The Life and Music of Oliver Mtukudzi: Reconstruction and Identity (pp. 149-161). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
4. Mhizha, S., Marandure, B., & Chikoko, W. (2021). Resilience-Based Interventions to Street Childhood Among Street Children in Zimbabwe. In: I. Chirisa & A. Chigudu (Eds.). Resilience and Sustainability in Urban Africa: Context, Facets and Alternatives in Zimbabwe (pp.115-129). Springer Singapore
5. Chikoko, W., Mhizha, S., & Mundau, L. (2021). Urban Resilience Under Austerity: A Case Study of Street Children Vending in the Harare Central Business District, Post-2018. In I. Chirisa & A. Chigudu (Eds.). Resilience and Sustainability in Urban Africa: Context, Facets and Alternatives in Zimbabwe (pp.103-113). Springer Singapore
6. Mhizha, S., Muromo, T., & Chiroro, P. (2019). Trauma and healing among children on the streets in Zimbabwe. In: E. Chitando, K. Chikonzo, & N. Chivandikwa (Eds.). National Healing, Integration and Reconciliation in Zimbabwe (pp. 228-244). London: Routledge.
7. Mhizha, S. (2013). The aetiology of street childhood in Zimbabwe. In: G. Javangwe & I. Chirisa (Eds.) . Navigating the contours of African childhood: Multidisciplinary perspectives. New York: Academic Press.
8. Matika, M., Makunike, B., & Mhizha, S. (2017). Psychological contracts and organisational change: Zimbabwe’s journey through hell from hyperinflation to dollarisation. Harare: University of Zimbabwe Publications.
9. Mhizha, S. (2010). The self-image of adolescent street children in Harare (Doctoral dissertation, University of Zimbabwe).
10. Javangwe, G., Chitsiku, S., & Mhizha, S. (2008). The Nature and Prevalence of violence and Sexual abuse among Street Children Living and working in the streets of Harare. Harare: Thatu Publications.

Conference Papers
1. Matora, T., Shumba, S., Mushiri, T., Musiwa, K., Taaka, D., Mhizha, S., & Tumbare, M. J. (2017). Investigating structural cracks for infrastructure: Case study of anonymous hospital, in Zimbabwe. [Conference Presentation]. EAI International Conference for Research, Innovation and Development for Africa, Harare, University of Zimbabwe

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