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Dr. Edmos Mtetwa


Doctor of Philosophy in Social Studies (Disability and Public Policy) ,University of Zimbabwe ;Master Science in Social Work ,University of Zimbabwe(2008); Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Degree ,University of Zimbabwe, (2002)

Academic Appointments:

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:

Disability, empowerment and participation in public life, Human rights, social justice, Citizen participation and public policy ; Social policy, Poverty reduction, Social development and Social protection; Rural development, Livelihoods, Rural industrialization and Sustainable agriculture for poverty reduction.

Faculty: Social And Behavioural Sciences
Department: Social Work
Research Category: Behavioral Sciences

Phone: +263 712518130

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Book Chapter(s)
1. Hlatywayo L. Mtetwa, E. & Chataika T. (Eds.) ,(2020). Breaking down barriers to Inclusive learning in Zimbabwe: A student teacher handbook. Harare: Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education in partnership with Leonard Cheshire Disability Zimbabwe. (p.?)
2. Mtetwa, E. (2020). Social Work Education for Social Justice and Poverty Reduction in Africa. In Handbook of social work education. London: Routledge
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Conference Papers
1. Mtetwa E. (2019, July 4-5). Persons with Disabilities as Peace Actors. A paper presented at a Workshop on Dialogue Processes for Persons with Disabilities in Zimbabwe. Organised by Deaf Zimbabwe Trust in collaboration with the Office of the President and Cabinet. Jacaranda Room 1, Rainbow Towers Hotel, Harare.
2. Mtetwa E. (2019, July, 31-August 2). Crafting the national disability policy under the guidance of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Challenges and opportunities for Zimbabwe [Paper presentation]. National Disability Expo, Large City Hall, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
3. Mtetwa E. (2019, August 14-15). The coping strategies employed by rural peasants in the face of climate change and variability in Zimbabwe: The case of Mberengwa District [Paper presentation]. Social Protection and Climate Change in the SADC: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Protea Parktonian all Suit Hotel, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa.
4. Mtetwa E. (2018, April 11). Disability and the challenge of equality before the law in Zimbabwe [Paper presentation]. Council of Social Workers Annual Conference, Harare, University of Zimbabwe.
5. Mtetwa E. (2018, August 24). Rethinking social security: the case for Zimbabwe [Paper presentation]. Harare: Council of Social Workers Symposium: University of Zimbabwe,
6. Mtetwa E. (2017, October 3-4). Poverty as Powerlessness in contemporary disability studies. Southern Africa Social Protection Network (3-4 October 2016) Protea, Parktonian Hotel, Braamforntein, Johannesburg, South Africa.
7. Mtetwa E. (2017, May, 3-4). Disability and the challenge of unemployment in Zimbabwe: A social protection perspective[Paper presentation]. Southern African Social Protection Experts Network Conference, Protea, Parktonian Hotel, Braamforntein Johannesburg: South Africa.
8. Mtetwa E. (2017, August 16-18). Disability, citizenship and participation in Africa: University of Zimbabwe, Harare.
9. Mtetwa E. (2017 April 11). The role of non-state actors in Zimbabwe’s development. Context Analysis of the Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Situation Symposium (Organized by Action Aid), Bronte Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe.
10. Mtetwa E. (2017, March 17-18). Promoting a sustainable social policy framework for poverty reduction in Zimbabwe [Paper presentation]. Council for Social Workers Zimbabwe: Annual Conference, Bindura University, Zimbabwe.
11. Mtetwa E. & Nianga, G. (2017, June 25-27). An investigation into the effects of depressed prices of cotton on sustainable livelihood for communal farmers in Zimbabwe. The case of Ward 6, Gokwe South District [Paper presentation]. Social Work Conference, Livingston, Zambia.
12. Mtetwa E. (2017, October 8-11). Social work education for Social justice and poverty reduction in Africa. Oliver Tambo international Conference Centre: Birchwood Hotel, Bocksburg: Johannesburg, South Africa.
13. Mtetwa E. (2016, June 7-10). Moving the mountains: Social Work practice in defence of human rights and social justice in Africa [Paper presentation]. Global Poverty Conference, Millasville University, United States of America.
14. Mtetwa E. (2016, September 16). Fields of Social Work Practice in Zimbabwe [Paper presentation]. Conference on unlocking the potential for social workers’ sensitization workshop, Cresta Oasis Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe.
15. Mtetwa E. (2015, November, 3-4). The quest for political participation of youths with disabilities in Zimbabwe: The role of mainstream civil society organizations [Conference presentation]. Disability Rights in Africa, University of Pretoria Centre for Human Rights, South Africa.

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• University of South Africa (Doctoral theses)
• University of Zululand (Doctoral theses)
• University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (Masters theses)
• Durban University of Technology (Masters and Doctoral theses)
• University of Limpopo (Doctoral theses)

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