Informal Health Strategies: The Use of Traditional Home Remedies in the Fight against COVID-19 in Urban Harare, Zimbabwe


  • Kudzaishe Mangombe
  • Ian Marufu
  • Amos Milanzi
  • Stanzia Moyo
  • Collet Muza
  • Lazarus Zanamwe
  • Lovemore Makurirofa


resilience, infections, community, household, morbidity,, response


COVID-19 is currently a global pandemic that has resulted in more than two million deaths to date. Due to the limited supply of vaccines and poor health systems across developing countries, people have resorted to home remedies as a means of managing COVID-19. In Zimbabwe, the use of home remedies has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. This article documents and examines the home remedies that were utilised to treat COVID-19 symptoms by patients in Harare, Zimbabwe. It utilised a qualitative research approach to collect primary data about home remedies used during COVID-19. Eight in-depth interviews were conducted with people who have recovered from COVID-19 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Most of the respondents recommended home remedies to manage COVID-19. Home remedies used by the participants include routine exercises, herbal concoctions and self-isolation. These home remedies may provide a way to manage COVID-19.However, to attain this goal, extensive research followed by clinical studies are needed.