New Game in Town: Selling via Social Media in Harare


  • Rosemary Kasimba
  • Solomon Muqayi


social media, selling, relational marketing, agency,, customer, virtual market


The way of doing business has been reconfigured due to technological transformations in human life. The tremendous rise of competition has made the luring of new customers in business a mammoth task. Sharing of online content is now considered to be the powerful word-of-mouth marketing in business world-wide. In Zimbabwe, social media selling has also become very common. The study explored social media selling, focusing on actors that are involved as well as how they are recruited and platforms that they use when advertising and the challenges they are facing. A qualitative methodology was employed where 20 representatives from Tupperware, Table Charm, Herbalife and Avon were purposively selected for in-depth interviews. It was informed by the relational marketing and agency theory. The study established that although online selling has a number of advantages compared to physical marketing, ordinary people are excluded from the game. As such, these emerging virtual markets cannot totally replace the physical markets. The research implored the government to create space for more sellers to encourage equal participation of all by social media selling.