The Mustard Seed Disposition in the Informal Sector: Analysing its Growth and Expansionary Prospects in Zimbabwe


  • Takawira Mumvuma
  • Teresa Nyika
  • Tinashe Magande


informal sector, growth, dualism, structuralism, self-employment, economic development


The study investigated and analysed the growth and expansionary prospects of the informal sector in Zimbabwe and the drive for people to join the sector. This was done through the desk research method and personal observation. The study reviewed the growth and graduation trends of the informal sector enterprises in Zimbabwe and the barriers to growth being faced by the sector. The study shows that the Zimbabwean informal sector enterprises are not growing or graduating due to their micro capacity and type. The implication is that both the growth and expansion prospects of this sector in Zimbabwe are very limited. This is due to many growth-inhibiting challenges and constraints faced by these enterprises reviewed in the study. The study concludes by proposing some measures that can be implemented to allow unfettered growth and expansion of the sector’s enterprises.