With the People: Towards an Innovative, People-centric and Relevant Transport Policy Under the Impact of COVID-19


  • Gay Tapiwa Gweshe
  • Matthew Chidhakwa
  • Amanda C Chakacha


innovation, policy, transport sector, pandemic, citizen participation


For years, a vast of Zimbabwe‟s innovative transport initiatives have lied lifeless in the implementation bed. Those that seem to be surviving are struggling to attain their goals. Although this problematic disorder can be blamed on a wide spectrum of variables, this article deliberately suggests that one of the dominant reasons for such an outcome is a top-down approach that has been religiously adopted by the government in some of its innovative transport policy processes. This has resulted in policies lacking citizen compliance despite the government's efforts to enforce them, even through coercive instruments. Given this background, the need for a people-centric approach, one that influences innovative transport policies from a citizen's perspective is inevitable. Therefore, this article seeks to expand key milestones towards embracing a people-centric innovative transport policy under the impact of COVID-19. Through an analysis of selected country experiences, the study captured these key issues highlighting the extent to which a people-centric approach improves or positively influences an innovative transport policy resulting in sustainable urban transport management in Zimbabwe.