Revisiting the Layout Plan as the Basic Unit for Citizen Engagement for Urban Resilience in Zimbabwe: Remodelling the Script Under the Impact of Big Data


  • Dickson D Mhlanga


technological singularity, data, blockchain, user experience


'Big Data' is the shape of things to come and as we approach the 'Technological Singularity.' It is influencing contemporary urban experiences through advanced data analytics that interface with personal digital devices. This article explores how Big Data and the concept of digital User Experience (UX) can be utilised to improve urban resilience through innovative citizen engagement. From a desktop review of existing literature, there emerge interesting possibilities of how the concepts of Blockchain, Big Data and UX can be utilised to enhance resilience from the layout (neighbourhood) to city-wide level. The emphasis of this enquiry is based on an alternative view of the layout plan as a product or service utilised by consumers to derive a living experience. The extraction and analysis of data sets from the individual layout have the potential to be used to enhance the living experience, thereby mitigating the impact of shocks through innovative technology-based citizen engagement techniques. Reference is also given to global attempts in developing facets of the urban information system. To demonstrate the potential of Big Data, Blockchain and UX in urban resilience a community resilience, information system model is proposed.