Plan Preparation and Review as Tools for Developing Urban Resilience in Zimbabwe: Conflicts and Possibilities


  • Percy Toriro


master plan, local plan, public interest, conflict, resilience


Plan preparation and review can be powerful tools for developing urban resilience as they are expert processes that have important citizen engagement processes. The plan preparation or review process is led by urban planners but involves numerous built environment professionals to provide data that feeds into the plan formulation. Residents are supposed to be involved in the plan preparation process, hence the process is expected to be inclusive as it engages the citizens. Using secondary data and reviewing existing master and local plans and key informant interviews, the article considers whether the process of plan preparation and review can be used as tools for developing urban resilience. Using four case studies, the article establishes that while the plan preparation and review processes present opportunities for developing urban resilience, in reality, this has not happened since most urban areas are using old plans, the plans have not been implemented, or plan preparation adopted flawed consultative processes. The article concludes that with most plans out of date, they no longer address contemporary challenges. Planning provisions and processes must be followed so that plan preparation can serve as a tool for developing urban resilience.