Communicating with the Citizens on Pertinent Urban Planning Issues in Zimbabwe: Problem and Prospects for Building Resilience


  • Patience Mukuzunga
  • George Makunde
  • Innocent Chirisa


urbanis, communication, mechanism, citizens, building, urban resilience, policy, innovation


The article seeks to discuss the communication between the local authorities and the citizens on urban planning issues. These issues include demolition of illegal structures, building on wetlands and pollution. The article also explains the mechanismsthat are being used for the transmission of information. Lack of communication in urban planning issues has destroyed houses, breaking the laws and construction on wetlands, street vending and environmental destruction. Communication with citizens on relevant urban planning matters enablesurban areas to recover from difficult experiences. This is because, in the process of communication, citizens become increasingly aware of the positive and negative impact of their actions on the urban environment. Efficient communication with the symbols, signs and text that is understood by citizens is encouraged. Communication is the solution to the destruction of houses, pollution and wetland construction thatseems to be ignored by citizens. Despite many studies that were made on urban planning issues, there is a gap in understanding how proper ways of communicating with citizens on pertinent issues in urban planning enables resilience.