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The journal is a forum for the discussion of ideas, scholarly opinions and case studies of urban resilience in Zimbabwe. It promotes multidisciplinary engagement of urban resilience as a subject and practice. It is a product of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences supported by the UNDP - UNICEF Urban Resilience Programme. The journal is produced bi-annually.

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Vol. 1 No. 1& 2 (2019): Journal of Urban Systems and Innovations for Resilience in Zimbabwe
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It is generally becoming increasingly and abundantly clear that the future of Zimbabwe like anywhere global, is urban. Rural business centres and growth points are clearly shaping into urban centres owing to growing urbanization. As such, as these ‘rural towns’ are joining the league of centres traditionally
deemed as urban, and defined as so by the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15) the thinking and drive for search of solutions must definitely be urban. Urban centres are complex in terms of planning and management due to various phenomena and inputs that define their makeup and maintenance. On the environmental front, pollution abatement is a serious challenge so as the provision of potable water and amenable sanitation. On the social side, provision of services including health, education and recreation are better crafted at planning state. On the economic side, the challenge of the youth bulge hence, employment creation, poverty reduction and livelihoods enhancement come at the core. Besides, sprawling urban centres are not only difficulty to coordinate but also uneconomic to manage. Subdivision
and consolidations have to be carefully planned and managed. In certain circumstances, densification has to be considered as a principal good in addressing the challenge of sprawl. Urban systems are a  constellation of social, economic, political, institutional and legal forces, usually all working simultaneously in a complex of reality. From time to time, solutions must be thought of and even incubated into innovations, in this case, for water supply, traffic management, building management, urban planning, civil engineering, to mention but a few. Missing locally is a journal that becomes a forum by both professional and academic contributors to discuss urban systems and innovations in Zimbabwe. As such the Journal of Urban Systems and Innovations for Resilience in Zimbabwe (JUSIR IZ) is hereby proposed.

Published: 2021-01-29
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