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Dr. Naomi N. Wekwete


Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Population Research, (Exerter, England), Master in Population Studies, University of Zimbabwe, Bachelor’s in Economics, University of Zimbabwe.

Academic Appointments:

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:

Fertility, Infant and Child Mortality, Maternal Health, Adolescent Reproductive Health Issues, HIV and AIDS Intervention and Evaluation, Migration, Gender and Economic Development

Faculty: Social And Behavioural Sciences
Department: Demography Settlement and Development
Research Category: Population Studies

Dr. Naomi Wekwete has over 20 years experience in conducting policy-oriented research. Research interests include reproductive health issues, HIV/AIDS. She has vast experience in conducting project and programme evaluations and reviews. She has consulted widely for various ministries, UN agencies and other international and non-governmental organisations. She has several publications. She is a member of OSSREA, UAPS and local networks in Zimbabwe.

Phone: +263 772 523 918

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Maponga O. and Wekwete N.N. (1990) Technology Generating Institutions in Zimbabwe. Consultancy report.
Maya R.S. and Wekwete N.N. (1989) Issues and Prospects for Coal Utilization in Zimbabwe's Rural Households. ZIDS Research Report.
Wekwete N.N.(1989) Introducing Systems Dynamics in National Planning. ZIDS Working Paper.

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